Sprinkler Insurance

Allied Fence now offers sprinkler insurance. Sprinkler lines are very difficult to feel or see while you are digging a post hole and therefore hard to avoid. Sprinkler lines feel very much like a tree root or rock. Damage to the sprinklers will not be repaired by Allied Fence if you do not have Sprinkler insurance. Sprinkler insurance can be added to any job for $0.35 per foot or $35, whichever is higher. If we break a line we will fix it while we are there or return to fix it soon after. To add sprinkler insurance tell your estimator to add it to your estimate. Water damage caused by a broken sprinkler or line will not be covered with the sprinkler insurance.

Sprinkler Tips

Here are some sprinkler and fencing tips:
  • Paint, Mark or Flag as many sprinkler heads as possible. A sprinkler head covered by dirt, grass or other plants are easy to step on or drop a tool on and break.
  • Dig up and expose a small section of sprinkler line near the fence line. If we can see the line we will know where it is, how deep it is and may be able to avoid breaking it.
  • Know where your sprinkler and water shut off valve is prior to fence installation and watch closely the first few times you run the sprinklers after we are finished. If the line is broken we may not even know it is broken. You may have to find the shut off valve to avoid water damage to your yard or house. Water damage is not covered in the sprinkler insurance.
  • Don’t water your yard 3-4 days prior to fence installation. A wet soggy lawn will show foot tracks and divots more than a dry lawn.